How to Clean your Car/Truck with a Pressure Washer

How to Clean your Car/Truck with a Pressure Washer

Everyone loves to keep their car or truck clean. Cleaning your vehicle is an integral part of your cleaning routine. It is an essential step in getting it ready for waxing. Depending on your driving frequency and environment, it is advisable to wash your truck or car once a week.

If you use a garden hose, it is time to upgrade your equipment. The best machine to wash your car is a pressure washer. The powerful pressure washer will fasten your cleaning process. That said, it cleans vehicles easily and more quickly. With that in place, you will complete your cleaning job in a short time. Unlike garden hoses, it consumes less water. A high-power pressure washer removes tough soil like bugs, road grime and dried mud. And yes, it also makes sure no soapy residue remains on the car or truck. Pair it with a foam cannon to clean abrasive soil, reducing the chances of scratching the surface. That’s why it is a top choice for professionals across the globe.

There are many pressure washers in the market. Among all products, Giraffe Tools has the best high-pressure truck wash equipment. Their pressure washer meets everyone’s cleaning needs. This pressure washer cleans your truck easily. When choosing a pressure washer, we always prefer the one with high power. Giraffe Tool offers a pressure washer that generates power as high as 2200 PSI to supply 1.3-gallon water per minute. Such a high power machine is ideal for scouring equipment such as a truck. This super-powerful pressure washer is all you need to gear up your cleaning process. In addition to that, their device has a copper valve that increases inlet suction, enabling the device to consume less water. The body structure of the pump maintains the perfect flow of water, thanks to its straight shape. The lightweight body of their product comprises zinc, aluminum and magnesium. You get all these admirable features at a fraction of the cost. Yes, you heard it right. Cleaning your truck or car won’t cost an arm and leg. With its ability to supply water with high pressure, it is evident that a pressure washer removes dust, debris and dirt efficiently.

But, investing in a pressure washer is not enough. You must be familiar with techniques to clean your car or truck with a pressure washer. Hence, you need to follow the correct steps to wash your car/ truck with a pressure washer.

Below, you’ll find a few steps to pressure washing your truck or car.

So, let’s get started.

Electric Pressure Washer and Appropriate Nozzles

Always use an electric pressure washer to wash your car. A gas pressure washer is not suitable for cleaning vehicles. Unlike gas pressure, an electric pressure washer has the appropriate power to clean your vehicle without damaging it.

Appropriate nozzles ensure efficient cleaning. There are various types of nozzle tips. Each one comes in a different size and performs a different cleaning function. Experts recommend using 25-degree or 45-degree nozzles for washing your car or truck. They have enough pressure to clean your vehicle without damaging its exterior. With a 25-degree nozzle tip, wash wheel wells, tires and wheels. After that, rinse the outer surface with a 40-degree nozzle tip.

Foam Cannon

If your pressure washer has no detergent tank, you can connect a foam cannon to it. Start at the roof and work all your way to the bottom panels. Cover the entire surface in a thick layer of foam. The best thing about this foam is that it lifts the dirt from the surface.

Scrub off Grease

The next step is to scrub off dirt on your vehicle with car wash soap. Add water solution and a foam cannon to a bucket. Grab a wash mitt and dip it into the bucket. Start from the top of your car or truck to the bottom. Wash one section at a time.

Time to Rinse

Rinse your car or truck with a 40-degree nozzle tip. Pressure wash the surface thoroughly so that no residue remains on the exterior. Make sure your windows and door seals are clean.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your car or truck is a good habit. A pressure washer is perfect for washing your vehicle. Follow the above simple steps to give your car or truck a clear and clean look.