Pressure Washing Your Car: Exterior and Interior

Pressure Washing Your Car: Exterior and Interior

Is pressure washing your car safe? If you are on the list of people who are asking themselves this question then the answer is yes. You can now move past the use of a sponge and water to clean up your car.

If you love your car then a pressure washer will perfectly suit you. It does not just give you a fast and easy way of cleaning it goes on and improves the appearance of your car. Through pressure washing your car stays in perfect order.

You might shun away from pressure washing your car with the fear of damaging it but with the right methods, your car comes out better. You can confidently pressure wash your car without the fear of destroying the paint or anything else.

Precautions When Pressure Washing Your Car

To protect the paint of your car you should always keep the nozzle at a safe distance from the spot you washing. The nozzle should also not stay in the same spot for a while and through this, you don’t damage the paint.

You should never pressure wash the car’s engine. Ensure that the detergents are well diluted and the ground does not have pebbles or gravel. Last but not least always wash your car from the top going down that way gravity will be in your favor.

Washing the Exterior of Your Car

The first step to pressure wash your car is choosing the right pressure washer and nozzle. You should choose a pressure washer that has appropriate pressure levels that way you won’t damage your car. After placing your car in a good spot away from anything that might get damaged the next thing is to rinse your car.

Make sure all the windows and rolled up and the doors and the trunk are closed this way you don’t get any water in the interior. Before rinsing the car ensure that you’re using the right pressure where you can do this by spraying on the ground. From there remove any stuck mud or dirt.

After you are done rinsing the next step involves applying detergent. You should apply it from up going downward. Depending on the type of pressure washer you are using you might need to change the setting of the pressure washer during rinsing. Once you are done you can use a dry cloth to wipe your car.

Can You Pressure Wash the Interior Of Your Car?

Sadly there is no easy and fast way to wash the interior of your car. You cannot pressure wash the inside of your car as it would cause inevitable water damage. With the interior of the car, one has to take their time and scrub off the dirt.

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