What is a polo mallet?

What is a polo mallet?

A polo mallet is a long stick that is used to hit the ball while playing. Polo is one of the most loved games all over the world. This game relates to hockey, but in polo, you have to ride horses and hit the ball with the mallet. Definitely, you can not hit the ball without having a stick in your hand. The polo mallet is also known as the polo stick. The polo mallet helps you hit the ball into the goal. It is an essential thing if you want to play polo. The polo mallet consists of a long stick. On one side of the polo mallet, a grip is provided. The reason is that horse riding may not be comfortable. It is usually known as a bumpy ride. If you are playing polo, you must have a grip on your polo mallet so that your hand might not slip while playing polo. The other side of the polo mallet is the from where you hit the polo ball. This side of the polo mallet consists of a circular wooden stick placed horizontally on the polo mallet, which provides you some space on your polo stick for hitting the ball. The polo mallet as a whole is made up of wood. There is also a string on the grip's upper side so the player can swaddle around their thumb for an excellent grip.

Size and structure of polo mallets

The sizes of every person's hand can't be the same, which is why the size of polo mallets is not the same also. The polo mallets come in different sizes. The normal-sized polo mallets are 127 centimeters to 135 centimeters long. The head of the polo mallet, which is used to hit the ball, comes in 228 millimeters to 235 millimeters in length. Different polo players use different types and weights of polo mallets which has convinced the manufacturers to make polo mallets in various variants. Nowadays, polo mallets are available in so many types and so many variable qualities. The polo mallets come in different weights, which start from 485 grams and can go up to 565 grams. Polo is not only played by males. Female players also play it. The female players use lightweight polo mallets more than the males.

Which polo mallets should you buy?

Some people like to use flexible, thin, and long polo mallets. At the same time, some people love to play with totally rigid polo mallets. But, the best polo mallets are those that are both flexible and rigid. But how can a polo mallet be both flexible and inflexible? The flexibility and rigidity of polo mallets should be divided into two parts. The polo mallets should be a little bit flexible from the upper side of the polo mallet, and the polo mallet should be rigid from the bottom side, which is used to hit the ball. A polo mallet should feel like the part of the player's hand. And the polo mallet, which has all of these qualities, is undoubtedly the best polo mallet to buy and to play.